This easy to assemble recipe is an all-round winner! Either serve as a quick family supper guaranteed to become a firm favourite, or a sharing party platter hearty enough to feed a crowd. Preparing the topping ingredients in advance means this dish really can be done in 20 minutes.


1 pack Helen Browning’s Organic Pulled Pork

1 large bag of nachos

Selection of your favourite toppings – we love ours with jalapenos, sour cream, red onion, tomatoes and avocado and coriander.


Cook the pulled pork as per the directions on the pack. Or use 500g of home-cooked pulled pork if you prefer – gently reheat in a pan until piping hot.

Whilst the pulled pork is cooking prepare your toppings, if not already prepared.

Place your nachos onto a large dish.

Once cooked, shred your pulled pork and add to the nachos.

Try drizzling with BBQ sauce for extra oomph.

Add your favourite toppings and enjoy!