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Sylvan Spirits by Helen Browning

Named to reflect the tranquil woodland landscape that drives our farming ethos, Sylvan Spirits is an exciting collection of fruit-infused spirits inspired by, and harvested from, Helen’s agroforestry.

Made from organic spirit slowly macerated with fresh organic berries, with just a little sugar added to soften and plump the mouth-feel. Lower sugar levels than more traditional sticky liqueurs gives our spirit a fresher, brighter taste.

Organic Blackcurrant is the first of the range; a rich, full-bodied spirit that captures the essence of sweet-tart blackcurrants, bursting with the distinct and intense flavour of ripe berries.

Enjoy on its own, over ice, mixed with white wine or champagne for a classic Kir and Kir Royale, or as a flavouring in desserts, sauces, and syrups. 

At just 15% alcohol per vol this also offers a delicious low-alcohol option for the mindful consumer – dilute with soda or tonic for a refreshing spritz with a grown-up flavour. 

We have a collection of recipes here that make the most of this versatile drink – try a classic cocktail, indulge in a summery blackcurrant cheesecake, or vibrant ice cream.

Award-winning organic gin

Discover an authentic organic London Dry Gin inspired by Helen’s Agroforestry. Using key botanicals grown on the farm this gin has a modern twist – the distinctive citrusy tang of sea buckthorn, an emerging superfood, is mellowed and sweetened with pear. Orange and lemon peel, elderflower and rosemary create herbaceous and floral notes, reminiscent of wild berries and fresh honey.

With a bright and zesty aroma, reminiscent of a citrus grove, this lively and refreshing gin will wow everyone who dives in – and we are proud of 5 significant awards gained during the first year of production. 

Serve in classic gin cocktails where the tart and citrusy essense of sea buckthorn complements the traditional juniper gin base, or enjoy neat or on the rocks to appreciate the nuanced flavours of this unique sea buckthorn infusion. Try as a versatile ingredient in mixology, adding a citrusy twist to a range of cocktails.

Discover more of our suggestions and recipes – from the perfect serve to a delightful gin drizzle cake and gin & tonic pancakes – here.

Locally hand-crafted

We use a local organic distillery who share the same ethos as ourself. They strive to ensure sustainability is at the forefront of production by recycling the waste water and using it to heat the distillery buildings and greenhouses used to grow some botanicals. 

Sustainably produced

Bottles are made from recycled glass with a recyclable mineral paper label and seal finished with a soft wooden cork.

Organic gin pouch refills are available to help reduce carbon footprint – reuse the original gin bottle, or recommission a favourite glass bottle that you already own. Post the refill pouch back to us and then we’ll recycle them. Responsible drinking is here!  

Helen Browning’s Organic Gin

Crafted using the finest organic ingredients, Pear and Sea Buckthorn is our first gin product. Made using organic botanicals inspired by Helen’s agroforestry and distilled by hand in copper pot stills in rural Oxfordshire. It’s a gin you just have to try!

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