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Organic Dry Cured Ham

Made from prime cut organic British pork

Organic Dry Cured Ham

Made from prime cut organic British pork

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Prime cut ham made from organic, free-range, high-welfare British pork, traditionally dry-cured by hand for superior flavour. Our pork is also soil association certified (the highest standard in organic farming) so you can trust what is on your plate.

Different varieties

Try Dry Cured Ham for whole slices, a generous thick cut and full flavour. Wafer Thin Ham is thinly sliced for loading a sandwich or topping a pizza. Superb for stuffing in rolls or wraps, and loved by children as ideal finger food.

Honey Roast Ham Ends are prime trimmings from our organic dry cured ham, slightly sweetened with honey – perfect for quiches, pies or topping a pizza, and excellent value for a product with a multitude of cooking uses .. or simply for snacking! Wafer thin ham, ham ends and honey roast ham whole slices are available from Abel & Cole.

Whole Honey Roast Ham joints – an indulgent 2kg treat – are also available from our shop and Abel & Cole at Christmas time. 

Organic Dry Cured Ham

 Always organic pork from sustainable British farming

 Prime cuts of free range organic pork

 Traditionally dry cured by hand

 Ready to eat



 From rare breed pigs

 Perfect for sandwiches, salads and snacks

 Soil Association approved



Do you use 'formed meat'?

No! Unlike most supermarket ham, ours is never “formed”, “reformed” or “reconstituted”. This means that our hams come in all shapes and sizes (yes, just like the pigs they come from), and when we slice them every slice is different.

What does Dry Cured mean?

All bacon is cured – either wet or dry. The dry curing process involves no added water, so there is no weight loss on cooking. The curing salts are applied directly to the surface of the meat and rubbed in thoroughly. The cut is then wrapped in a protective air tight covering and refrigerated. Here at Helen Browning’s Organic we prefer the meat and cure to work together for 10 days in the chill.  

Favourite Ham Recipes

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Ham Pitta Pockets

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