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Blackcurrant & Chocolate Bundle


A marriage made in heaven

Chocolate and blackcurrant is a classic flavour combination. Enjoy these multi-award winning truffles alongside our Blackcurrant Spirit for a positively ecstatic experience. Ideal for a loved one, especially if you are in line for sharing.

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Weight 2 kg
Organic Blackcurrant Sylvan Spirits

A rich and full-bodied spirit bursting with aromatic blackcurrants harvested from agroforestry on Helen’s organic family farm in Wiltshire. This innovative version of a classic cassis has less sugar added for a brighter, fresher taste.
Made with organic spirit macerated with fresh, ripe blackcurrants – and absolutely no preservatives, additives or artificial flavourings.
Sip on it’s own, or mix with sparkling wine or fizz for a classic Kir. Dilute with tonic or soda for a zesty, refreshing low alcohol, low calorie spritz. Delicious as a base for cocktails, drizzle over ice cream or use in cooking.
Certified organic by the Soil Association.
35cl, Alc 15% volume


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