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Ethically-raised Veal

Helen’s 2 dairy herds are the heart of Eastbrook – organic since 1986, and essential to the sustainable practices that are the ethos of our business. 

Responsibly produced veal is a by-product of dairy farming so as we enjoy milk, cheese or ice-cream, we believe it is also our duty not to waste the veal meat this industry produces.

Our calves:

  • Live outside in small sociable groups

  • Slowly reared for 10 months

  • Encouraged to follow natural instincts to roam and forage

  • The best welfare standards

  • Certified organic by the Soil Association

Helen Browning’s Organic Rose Veal makes the most of this natural resource of livestock from our dairy herds, offering an indulgent but truly ethical eating experience.

Rich in protein and iron, organic rose veal is lower in saturated fat than beef, with a soft texture and a delicate, mild flavour.

We don’t actively breed veal calves, so the stock is limited. Available as a taster box with a mix of cuts to showcase the delicious flavour, versatility and quick-cook nature of this product, and also as pre-ordered premium cuts.

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