We thought you may like to see our trophy shelf.

We occasionally like to put ourselves through the mill and enter our wonderful products for an award – from time to time we’re delighted and slightly surprised to win or come close runners up. Nothing taken too seriously and lots of lovely people met along the way who run their own local businesses.

Award Winning Organic Gin

In the first year of production Helen Browning’s Organic gin has been recognised with 5 awards – Natural & Organic Innovations, World Gin Awards, London Spirits Competition and International Wine & Spirits Competition and Great Taste Awards.

Sylvan Spirits

Organic Blackcurrant is the first of the range of spirits from agroforestry; a rich, full-bodied spirit that captures the essence of sweet-tart blackcurrants, bursting with the distinct and intense flavour of ripe berries.


Great Taste Producer

Having won Great Taste awards regularly over the years Helen Browning’s Organic is proud to display the Great Taste Producer Logo. This demonstates our proven track record of producing consistently quality, award winning pork and beef products.

Great British Food Awards

Our organic products regularly win presitigious awards from competitions that celebrate the country’s finest artisanal food and drink products. 

Good Pig Award

Compassion in World Farming said, “We are pleased to announce that Eastbrook Farm Organic Meats has been awarded a Good Pig Award by Compassion in World Farming in recognition of our commitment to meat pig and sow welfare.
Compassion’s Good Farm Animal Welfare Awards recognise food companies that are making it their policy to produce and source higher welfare eggs, meat and dairy produce.”

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