Make your Boxing Day feast extra special with this ultimate Christmas leftovers sandwich by Sarah Cook. If leftover pigs in blankets are a rarity in your house, then you can use stuffing instead.


  • 3 slices bread (from a pre-sliced loaf)
  • butter (for spreading)
  • mayonnaise, for spreading (optional)
  • about 60g leftover organic turkey (thinly sliced)
  • 2–3 slices of organic dry-cured ham from Helen Browning’s
  • few thin slices mild cheese (such as emmental, gruyere, cheddar etc.)
  • soft lettuce leaves
  • 2–3 cold pigs in blankets (halved lengthways)
  • 3–4 tbsp. coleslaw
  • gherkins (to serve)
  • Good quality crisps or skinny fries (to serve)


  1. Sandwich two of the bread slices together and toast in the toaster (leaving soft bread on the inside). When done, spread the soft bread with butter and mayonnaise (if using). Butter the untoasted bread on both sides.
  2. Put the turkey on one of the toasted slices of bread, then a layer of ham, then cheese. Top with the buttered untoasted bread. Add the lettuce, then the pigs, and dot the slaw over the top. Sandwich the other toasted bread slice on top. Cut in half or quarter and use a few cocktail sticks to secure the sandwich, with a gherkin or two on top. Eat with crisps or fries.

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