Revamp classic hot dogs with melting cheddar cheese and crunchy, tangy, spicy fermented vegetables.

Korean inspired kimchi and cheese is a wonderful combination, and combined with smokey succulent hot dogs it becomes a sensational flavour bomb. Gut friendly Loving Foods kimchi is available from our online shop, so be sure to add a jar to your basket.

More of a serving suggestion than a recipe – plan for 2 dogs per person, these are seriously moreish.

  • hot dogs
  • buns
  • kimchi
  • grated cheddar cheese
  • sriracha
  • fresh coriander or basil, optional

Cook hot dogs on the grill. Place them in your hot dog buns, then place them on a baking sheet.

Preheat grill to high.

Top the hot dogs with the kimchi and sprinkle with the cheese. Place under the grill, watching carefully, until the cheese has melted.

Drizzle the hot dogs with sriracha and sprinkle with coriander or basil leaves.

Serve and enjoy!

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