To celebrate the start of the Summer Holidays, we’ve put together four recipes to go with our Helen Browning’s Kids’ Favourite boxes. The kids favourite boxes consists of Speedy Sausages, Wafer Thin Ham, Seasoned Pork Burgers and Hot Dogs. Be confident knowing that you’re feeding your family with the best quality meat; easy to cook and tempting to eat. If you do not want to eat all the box at once all the products are suitable for freezing.

Ham Pitta Pockets

These Ham Pitta Pockets are the perfect summer lunch for kids. Using Helen Browning’s Organic Wafer Thin Ham, these are perfect after the kids have being playing in the garden and need a quick and easy lunch. The lightly cured wafer thin ham, brings out the natural sweetness meaning the finished result is a lovely moist texture with a rich, traditional flavour.

Sausage Roll Twists

Sausage Roll Twists are a fun take on the classic sausage roll that kids get can involved making as well. Using the Helen Browning’s Speedy Sausages, these can be a perfect light lunch. The tomato dip accompaniments the spicy kick of the Speedy Sausages meaning these Sausage Roll Twists are bursting with flavour. The double pack means you can keep some for later and freeze them if you do not want to use them all or want to make them again later in the month. These Speedy Sausages were a Great Taste Award Winner in 2020.

Sweet Chilli Hot Dogs

These Sweet Chilli Hot Dogs are topped with caramelised onion and chilli sauce. If you have a particularly fussy eater, just leave off the caramlised onions and chilli sauce. Great Taste Award Winner in 2020, the judges described them as uniformed shape, not looking too processed (like traditional hot dogs) and a very pleasant, lightly smoked aroma. Helen Browning Hot Dogs have no fillers, with only delicious prime cuts of meat used. This creates a moist, meaty hot dog with texture, flavour, bite and character, slightly smokey and completely different from any other hot dog on the market.

Pork Burger & Chips

These Pork burgers & chips are an easy tea whether they are done on the BBQ or in the oven. An easy and simple recipe to use your Helen Browning’s Seasoned Pork Burgers. Our seasoned Pork Burgers are made with prime cuts of UK farmed pork with no added fillers.

Enjoy these quick and easy recipes over the kids holidays. We would love to see your creations so be sure to share your images through Facebook (@Helen Browning’s Organic), Instagram (@helenbrowningsorganic) or Twitter (@HelenBOrganic)

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