Whether it is smoked, unsmoked, back or streaky we all love a bacon sandwich! Here are some common bacon mistakes to avoid in order to create the ultimate bacon sandwich:

  1. Trying to cook cold bacon– The secret to cooking bacon is trying not to cook it too cold. The bacon needs to be around room temperature. This will help the fat render more quickly so it will be crispy not burnt.
  2. Starting the bacon in a hot pan– Slowly render the fat without burning the meat. Starting your bacon in a cold pan allows this to happen. Start the heat on medium low and when it starts to sizzle, bring it up to a medium heat. Once enough of the fat has rendered down you are very close to the perfect bacon.
  3. Crowding the pan– Be careful not to put too many rashers of bacon close together as this will steam the bacon and make it floppy not crispy.
  4. Pilling bacon on top of itself– Piling bacon on top of each other will never get the bacon crispy. Give your bacon the space it needs to be great.
  5. Burning it– There is a very fine line between crispy bacon and burnt, acrid bacon. Keep in mind that the hot fat on your bacon will continue to cook for a minute, even after it is out of the pan.
  6. Throwing out your bacon fat– Bacon fat is one of the Earth’s greatest gifts to home cooks. It cooks Brussel spouts perfectly, does incredible things to collard greens and makes cornbread totally transcendent. Once your pan has cooled a bit, strain the fat into a mason jar and keep it in the fridge.

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