We are pleased to announce the launch of our new seasoned beef and pork range! We’ve launched seasoned pork meatballs, seasoned pork burgers, season beef meatballs and seasoned beef burgers.

Helen Browning’s Organic Saddleback pigs enjoy an active, outdoor life. They spend their time happily doing just what pigs like to do. Their meat has a distinctive, rich flavour and a fantastic texture.

Seasoned Pork Burgers

Our seasoned organic pork burgers are made with high welfare, organic pork. Perfectly seasoned, meaning you can grill, bake or fry them for a simple tasty burger.

Seasoned Pork Meatballs

12 x 25g organic pork meatballs, made with prime cuts of UK farmed, organic pork and no added fillers, just as we do not fill our pigs with additives the same goes for our meatballs. These are gluten free with no added bread or cheap rusk. Add to a pasta sauce, or simply serve with gravy, either way is popular with young and old.

Good Beef

Good Beef is a by-product of our glorious organic dairy herds. The Good Beef has a much lower carbon footprint compared to standard beef so if better for the environment. Our Good Beef cattle live for about two years in our idyllic countryside, developing wonderful flavour on these rich, diverse pastures. Research shows that organic meat is beneficial to our health, so as well as being a high welfare, low carbon and good nature approach, Good Beef is better for us too.

Research shows, that both organic milk (dairy) and meat contain around 50% more beneficial omega-3 fatty acids than conventionally produced products, as well as 40% more conjugated linoleic acid. This links to a range of health benefits including reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, certain cancers and obesity.

Seasoned Beef Burgers

Produced from prime cuts of British farmed organic good beef, we’ve created these gluten free perfectly seasoned meatballs. These are ideal for quick family meals or perfect on the BBQ.

Seasoned Beef Meatballs

Good beef meatballs are 100% organic, grass-fed and dairy-bred British beef. The perfect amount of seasoning means these are perfect for quick and tasty meals. If you are not going to use the whole pack, you can freeze them and have the leftovers later on.


Meatball sub with mozzarella– These indulgent meaty sandwich subs with gooey mozzarella work perfectly with our new seasoned meatballs. Chose from either beef or pork or if you are feeling adventurous have a mixture of both.

Burger Toppings– These burger toppers turn our seasoned burgers into sensational seasoned burgers with all those tasty toppings piled onto them. Chose from adding spice, crunchy slaw or super sauces just to name a few.

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