Helen Browning works closely with a few local farmers who share our ideology on animal welfare and farming practices. For Christmas we offer customers a range of Bronze feathered organic turkeys that we source from Walters Turkeys in Berkshire.

The Walters family have been raising Christmas turkeys for 50 years, so they know a thing or two about this glorious bird. At the top of the Walters’ priority list is animal welfare – the birds’ diet is home-grown cereals, they spend their days exploring the downland meadows and trees and at night they are tucked up in a warm straw bedded barn. Truly free range birds, their bronze feathered organic turkeys are a slow-browning breed, with a delicious rich and full flavour.

Bronze Feathered Turkey stags enjoying the green space of the Berkshire Downs

These award-winning birds stand out from the supermarket versions thanks to the traditional method used to raise and to prepare them. All the turkeys are dry plucked, hand finished on the farm and then hung for at least 7 days.

Walters Turkeys belongs to the Traditional FarmFresh Turkey Association, which guarantees you the finest quality for Christmas and their organic turkeys are certified by the Soil Association.

Your turkey will be ready for the oven, with a free pop-up timer and a sprig of rosemary. The pop-up timer helps you cook the turkey to perfection. Simply insert it into the Turkey before cooking and when it’s ready it will pop up. Follow our storage and cooking instructions to create the perfect bird.

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The hens are as equally inquisitive as the stags, but more agile and noisier!