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Perfectly Pink Beef is a lovingly slow-cooked joint that makes for the most succulent roast beef. Slicing reveals tender, pink meat that’s pre-cooked to perfection. It’s all too easy to eat straight from the fridge, but if you can wait patiently, try warming it up in your oven for around 25 mins for a perfect-every-time Sunday lunch. This delicious, ready-to-eat treat is also ideal for cold meat platters or the best of sandwiches. All you need to decide is … mustard or horseradish? 

Numbers are very limited for our first run, and only available for March/April.

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“…mouth-watering mains for Easter”

We are thrilled that our Perfectly Pink Beef has proved very popular with Abel & Cole customers, and has been prominently featured in their March 2021 magazine.

Our organic Pink Beef is part of Helen Browning’s Good Beef range. Good Beef comes from the cattle produced by the dairy herds at Eastbrook Farm, raised on Wiltshire grass, hay and silage. By sourcing beef from our existing dairy herds, we can achieve a much lower carbon footprint, letting you enjoy top-quality beef while lowering the environmental impact.

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