It is the first of September which can only mean one thing. Welcome to Organic September!

Organic September is a month-long campaign to raise awareness of the many benefits of organic food and farming. These are supporting biodiversity and wildlife, helping combat climate change, having the highest standards of animal welfare, reducing exposure to pesticides and having food you can trust. It aims to highlight and raise awareness of organic products, brands, producers and farmers. We believe everyone should be aware of the organic community and we are so proud to be apart of it. This month gives us a chance to showcase this to you.

Throughout September will be doing a variety of social media campaigns, blog posts, recipes and lastly organising Eastbrook’s Grand Day Out here at the Royal Oak Pub. This will be a day of simple indulgence as the summer draws to a close. Celebrating all things farm, food, fun and family. Offers will be on our products, so look out for our products in Sainsbury’s, Amazon Fresh and Tesco. Head to our online shop and use code GOORGANIC10 for 10% off orders of meat throughout the month of September.

Why Organic is good?

Choosing organic is better for the planet because it is designed to respect nature. Currently, organic farming is leading the way for sustainability. Organic farming has higher animal welfare status, ensuring all animals reared for meat and animal products are truly-free range animals. Organic farming is better for nature and wildlife, with 415 of Britain’s wildlife species have declined since 1970. More than 1 in 10 of these species are currently facing extinction. Intensive farming practices have been identified as the main driver of these declines. Land use on organic farms is more nature-friendly and supports cleaner water for wildlife.

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