With National BBQ Week kicking-off today (4th – 10th July) we’re sharing these great tips from Jamie Oliver that we follow every time we light those coals. #LoveBBQ

  • Put a stopper on it – Jamie recommends to get the extra smoky flavour you need to have a charcoal BBQ with a lid (If you don’t have a lid, try using a generous square of silver foil). This locks in the smoky flavour and keeps the temperature consistent.
  • Think about your fuel – Charcoal brings it’s own flavour characteristics to your barbecue. Try Slate Hill Lumpwood charcoal for a sustainable option.
  • Take your time – Barbecuing takes patience and concentration. You need to wait for the flames to die down and the coals show white hot. This is when cooking temp is hot and even.
  • Arm yourself – Get yourself a decent fish slice, heavy-duty oven glove and a sturdy pair of tongs. This will give you the most control and reduce the chances of dropping anything between the grills.
  • It is not all about meat – Fish and smoke compliment each other perfectly! Get a whole trout or side of salmon, throw some oak chips in and cook.
  • Marinade, marinade, marinade – Leave for a few hours, ideally over night and save some marinade to brush over your meat and fish as it cooks. This will add moisture, trap the smoke flavour and caramelise gently.
  • Don’t forget the vegetables – Slice your vegetables thinly and grill straight away.
  • Add a handful of herbs – throwing a few stalks of lemon grass, rosemary and/or lavender to your burning coals will give your food an extra kick of flavour as it cooks.

Our final top tip is .. have fun and enjoy yourself!

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