The time has come – we’re planning to open our informal and odd hotel, pub and restaurant on July 4. With some trepidation! And lots of fun thrown in. Independence of some sort, I suppose, for our intelligent staff and customers, who have shown throughout this remarkable period tonnes and tonnes of common sense and patience.

For 14 weeks we have debated face masks, disposable gloves, social distancing, how to make organic food deliveries to local vulnerable people; and new cocktails; and which beer to sell in the shop and which new cuts of organic beef; and which books that we’ve all enjoyed to put in the guest bedrooms.

One of our national deliveries!

We’ve rescued two pigs from their wanton mother and reared them on everything from beetroot and whipped cream to croissants and old carrots. We’ve fed 400 night staff at the local hospital every week, for the past 8 weeks, because our generous customers have raised almost £20,000 for two good causes—hungry and ill cared for hospital night staff on COVID wards, and hardworking staff here keen to keep working at something useful for the community.

And while we carry on with all this, and a new farm shop stocked with as much as we can from our own fecund farm, we want to see our customers back here enjoying superb beds, real ales, a truly stunning garden and farm, and some lovely food and informal careful hospitality.

New world rules will apply at the sensible discretion of intelligent people. Hand sanitiser when and where you need it; do you really need white or yellow lines telling you where you can stand or wait around? If you want face masks we’ll have some; same with gloves, but we’re keen not to make it feel as if you’re on an intensive ward at the local hospital.

Come to us for a lightness of touch, a place where people really understand that the worst crime at the moment is to invade other people’s space, or even to make them slightly uncomfortable. Come to us for deep sleep, long walks on our beautiful farm and Ridgeway, refreshing beers and hearty food. Bring your friends, families and bubbles, and behave as only you know how, appropriately, while being properly looked after.

We will be telling you more about our special (almost) post-COVID treats and activities as the days move towards our opening. We are looking forward to seeing our guests again, a lot.

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Tim Finney

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