Well, the sunshine has certainly made an appearance – what a glorious month June has been! Things have finally started to grow, and the countryside is looking beautiful.

Exciting times here in the shop with the launch of our very own Helen Browning’s Organic Fudge! Up until this point all I knew about fudge is that it is delicious and comes in lots of flavours that you simply have to try! So, a bit of research was required….

Although the exact origin of fudge is a little unclear, it seems that the most likely scenario is that it was accidentally created when a batch of caramels went wrong and the confectioner making them let out a cry of ‘Oh Fudge!’. Being Valentine’s Day in 1886 it he decided to taste them and realised that although they were not as he had intended, they were in fact decidedly good! Fudge was born and despite many people believing it to be a British invention this actually all happened in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. Different versions have developed over the years – French Fondant Candy, Scottish Tablet and Penuche, found in Southern America, but the traditional fudge remains a firm favourite.

Our wonderful fudge is made by hand, in a purpose-built fudge kitchen in Devon, where they use traditional large copper pots for beating. The ingredients used are locally sourced, organic certified and, where possible, Fairtrade. Andrew and his team have been making fudge for over 30 years and have definitely perfected their recipe. All the packaging is compostable, whether you choose the bags or boxes. The only thing you need to do is decide which flavour is your favourite! Choose from Clotted Cream, Vanilla, Sea Salt or Chocolate – and if you can’t make up your mind there is a box of assorted….we also have a dairy free vegan option…Give them a try and lets us know what you think!

Enjoy the sunshine!


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