… and choose organic

Organic September is upon us, and we give full-throated support to the campaign to encourage everyone to consider what nature needs from us.

With just one small swap to organic, we can take tangible action to support a more sustainable future for the world in which we live in – by supporting wildlife and high animal welfare; helping combat climate change; and enjoying food as it should be.

Farming in sympathy with nature

As one of the UK’s most respected farmers, Helen Browning has been at the forefront of organic farming since 1986. 

Helen’s personal drive is concern for animal welfare, recognising that organic farming has the very highest standards for the well-being of farm animals.

Hand in hand with improved animal care comes the benefits to all wildlife on the farm – the abundant variety of birds, insects and mammals is a draw for many of our human visitors to the farm – plus improved soil on which we rely for crops and a diverse, abundant landscape.

The outcome of this sympathetic farming is better, more sustainable food .. for us, and for the planet.

Sign the petition!

The Organic Trade Board has launched a petition to save nature in first 100 days of government. The Change.org petition seeks protection for wildlife in any government policies – and commit to representing the UK at the crucially important UN Biodiversity Conference (COP15) in December.

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