Helen’s agroforestry project is also coming along nicely, with the fruit ripened, and lots picked already. They have many different types of fruit growing in the orchards; from cherries, to apricots, it is all delicious and all organic, of course!  

Agroforestry is all about mixing up trees with farming; in recent decades they have become increasingly separate. Integrating trees into our farming systems will, we hope, bring a whole range of benefits both to the farm and to the wider environment.  

This project has inspired a new product which launched in May, an Organic London Dry Gin! Using key botanicals grown on the farm this gin has a modern twist – the distinct flavour profile of sea buckthorn, an emerging superfood, is mellowed out by perry pear. Orange and lemon peel, elderflower and rosemary create herbaceous and floral notes, reminiscent of wild berries and fresh honey.


We use a local organic distillery, who share the same ethos as ourselves. They strive to ensure sustainability is at the forefront of production by recycling the waste water and using it to heat the distillery buildings and greenhouses used to grow some botanicals.   

The bottle itself is made from recycled glass with a recyclable mineral paper label and seal finished with a soft wooden cork. Pouch refills are available to refill your gin bottle, helping to reduce carbon footprints and reuse the bottle. When finished, customers can post the refill pouch to us and then we’ll recycle them. Responsible drinking is here!   

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