I have now reached the end of my placement year at Helen Browning’s and it is time to say goodbye to Eastbrook Farm and hello (again) to Harper Adams University. This year has been a year that I will never forget!

Over the past year, there have been many exciting changes that have allowed me to learn new skills and broaden my knowledge of the organic meat industry and, more recently, the exciting and very different world of distilling. The team and I have developed our first organic London Dry Gin. Being involved with the whole process from the initial idea to holding the finished product in my hand is an experience I will never forget. And after countless name changes, label designs and sampling we finally have a product on the shelf!

I’ve also been part of the rebrand of the classic speedy sausage into the new ‘Big Speedy’ for the more modern organic consumer, and driven the start of our monthly organic meat subscription boxes from our online shop. It’s been great to get to know our customers on a more personal level after speaking to them every month.

And I can’t wait to see on the shop shelves the new and exciting products that we have been working on this summer…

I have really enjoyed my time here at Eastbrook Farm; there have been many pub lunches at Helen Browning’s Royal Oak, lots of farrowing and calving out on the farm and a fab and friendly team to work with that has provided lots of guidance over the past year!

I’m really going to miss working with everyone at Helen Browning’s, but I am looking forward to returning to university to complete the final year of my degree in Agri-Food Marketing with Business. I will be handing over my role of marketing assistant here to the lovely Grace, and I am sure she will do a great job!

*Edited: A note from the team at Eastbrook Organic Meats

We will miss Ruth hugely, and wish her the very best for her final year at Uni. Ruth has been a great asset to the team, and her legacy of queen of the spreadsheet will live long in our hearts. We have no doubt that Ruth will have great successes ahead in her chosen pathway, and we send her on her way with our love and best wishes.

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