Covid Information – From July 19th

Government can’t keep on forever telling us what to do and how to behave, no matter what Nicola Sturgeon thinks. There will always be a lunatic fringe that flouts the rules anyway, so the rest of us—about 99 percent of us, from my 64 years of collecting evidence—just have to behave in ways which we think are right for ourselves, and for those around us. 

This little laidback centre of leisure has always worked on the assumption that its customers, in most respects, know best. They exude common sense, as do our colleagues here, and so we revert from July 19 to normal life, as you would like to live it. We’d love to see your full faces again, to be honest; but we’ll understand if you choose to wear masks from time to time. We’d prefer you not to gather in huge crushes round the bars, but if you feel comfortable with those around you, please, happily do so. We’ve got so much space inside and out that there’s rarely a crush anywhere, anyway.

Our colleagues will be allowed to wear masks if they wish; everyone will be able to use track and trace if they wish. Our cleaning regime will not be relaxed, endeavouring to keep surfaces and touch points clean—but we cannot be perfect, any more than you can.

For those staying in the hotel, we will not enter your rooms at all during your stay unless you ask us; and if you need clean towels or linen for example, please tell us; and also if anything is slightly wrong with your room, let us know.

Tim Finney

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