Corned Beef 5* reviews and award winner


So who knew there is still so much affection for Corned Beef!

Since launching our organic British Corned Beef with Abel and Cole we’ve been blown away by its success!

Culminating in a sell out, award winning weekend with British Charcuterie Live at the Countryfile Live Show.

Forget about tin cans with a key, this corned beef is something completely different.

5 out of 5 stars  ★★★★★

There is corned beef and then THIS corned beef

This corned beef is so distinct from the dry fatty nonsense we have been brought up on in the UK the last 50 years.  This is simply delicious … It’s moist, it’s tasty, it’s in no way fatty and melts in your mouth. Give it a go and you will never buy a square shaped tin ever again … simply fab.

5 out of 5 stars  ★★★★★

I used to eat the tinned version as a child a few decades ago and I initially bought this out of nostalgia but it’s now a fantastic staple of my lunchtimes

We’d like to try to sell this through our online shop soon, alongside our other charcuterie but in the meantime you can buy here





Buy Gammon & Bacon for Home Delivery - perfect for Christmas & New Year

Complete your Christmas party plans with a beautiful organic gammon.  Available to pre-order now for home delivery from 16th Dec.  Our award winning bacon and lardons also available.  We've got a fabulous recipe here too to make your Christmas table look spectacular, Honey-Glazed Gammon courtesy of the Hairy Bikers.

Mushroom Explosion

Although the weather has felt pretty miserable over the last few weeks it’s been absolutely perfect for mushrooms – there’s been an explosion in the local area and James, our photographer from ProHides, has been out in the rain capturing images.  We don’t want you to miss out though so if you’ve got a camera, big or small, why not join him on Sunday 3rd of November for a photowalk to see some of these wonders for yourself.

Farm Safaris for livestock, landscapes and wildlife at Eastbrook Farm

We’re now combining  everything—the pigs, the cows and calves, the landscapes, the wildlife—deer, owls, badgers, flora and fauna generally, although not all of it appears on cue.  Our colleague James Andrews, expert at wildlife photography among other skills, will lead the ‘Safari’ tours, in the red land rover

A lot of love out there for Corned Beef (without a key)

Delighted that our organic Corned Beef is being applauded across the land. 5* reviews with Abel and Cole and a Silver award at British Charcuterie Live!

Helen Browning's Organic
Helen Browning's Organic2 days ago
Organic Pigs = High Welfare

BANNED! These common practices are all banned under Soil Association Organic standards:

- Nose ringing - used to prevent pigs natural rooting behaviour

- Tail docking - pigs in confined spaces often bite each other’s tails, so non-organic producers dock tails to prevent this

- Farrowing crates - small metal cage only inches wider than the female pig, used around the time she gives birth to restrict her movement and prevent her from following maternal instincts.

- Routine use of antibiotics.

#organic #highwelfare #farming #sustainability #biodiversity

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