So who knew there is still so much affection for Corned Beef! Since launching our organic British Corned Beef we’ve been blown away by its success, including a recent 2 star Great Taste Award. Forget about tin cans with a key, this corned beef is something completely different.


Comments from the Great Taste Awards judges, 2020

This looks to be a fine corned beef – bold and hearty on the plate. Memories of childhood gave us pause for a moment, but tucking in gave us a pleasant surprise. The product is meaty, and flavoursome with gentle salty seasoning. There is a freshness about this corned beef that is welcome.

A delight to see an old fashioned product done in this way.

…beautifully made with obvious care and we have great admiration for your product. 

More Reviews for our Organic Corned Beef:

5 out of 5 stars  ★★★★★
There is corned beef and then THIS corned beef

This corned beef is so distinct from the dry fatty nonsense we have been brought up on in the UK the last 50 years.  This is simply delicious … It’s moist, it’s tasty, it’s in no way fatty and melts in your mouth. Give it a go and you will never buy a square shaped tin ever again … simply fab.

5 out of 5 stars  ★★★★★
A trip down memory lane
I used to eat the tinned version as a child a few decades ago and I initially bought this out of nostalgia but it’s now a fantastic staple of my lunchtimes.