A note from Tim Finney…

I say it myself—what a place, this organic farm, hotel, and pub. Sometimes we’re even quite good at it, but we don’t want to get carried away. Come here and sleep, walk and look around. Sun setting over the Eastbrook valley (on a beautiful day, not the day I write this…); birdlife to marvel at—from kites to yellow wagtails, tree sparrows to tawny and little owls; luxurious bedrooms at Helen Browning’s Royal Oak; lovely beers, intelligent chefs, picnic spots to lie around in –we do all the work. An unusual combination. We’ve just bought our first gypsy caravan, to be fettled and placed next to the warm straw lined pig arcs in our semi wild Botswicky campsite, with a hot bath in the middle of the field. Come and try us, for your beer, your pork ribs, your lush Helen’s garden salads, your walking and your cycling. Come and see us and try not to use a car while you’re here. Bring an electric car and we’ll charge it for you.

It’s not the Caribbean, and it’s not 17 starred Michelin food, but there’s more to life than beaches and cream.

Tim Finney