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Community events at Helen Browning’s Royal Oak!

4th March 2019

Events, my dear, events… as someone once said. That’s what Helen’s Royal Oak specialises in, along with seven day a week simple organic luxuries, like superb bedrooms, glorious seasonal food, and intimate and informal hospitality. For local people we’re part of the community, and two events in the next seven weeks will probably bring our community together.

Our village church roof was stripped of lead last autumn—we estimate four men, a large vehicle and several hours, completely undetected on a dark November night—and the church does not have the insurance cover to pay for it completely….so we’re hosting a supper and auction of promises on April 18, just before Easter, with £15 per customer going to the church and £15 going to us for our costs. The auction of promises currently needs a few promises! Get in touch!

Then early on Easter Sunday Helen and I carefully lay about 200 organic chocolate mini eggs around one part of the farm, and invite customers and friends and families to find them. We charge £10 per family/car, and pay one of our farm boys to drive you up there in a large trailer. It’s more fun than it sounds; the children are rapidly exhausted, but beware, Easter often brings bleak weather. Stay over for lunch. More details here.

Lots more events this year of course, with classic cars and bikes (April 28), Pig Racing (June 9) and Australian cricketer Jason Gillespie here for supper on July 29, just before The Ashes, among other excitements.

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