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Organic Unsmoked Bacon Lardons

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Made without nitrates or nitrites

Delicious organic square cut unsmoked bacon lardons. Add an extra oomph of flavour to any meal. Please allow 5 days for delivery. 200g

In an exciting new development for organic bacon, we are proud to be the first producer launching to British supermarkets with organic bacon made without nitrates or nitrites.

Why is our new bacon better? We all love bacon. Whether folded in a soft roll for breakfast or as a versatile ingredient in so many suppers. But bacon has traditionally been cured with added nitrates and nitrite salts to keep it safe, which have been the subject of health concerns in recent years. Helen Browning has been keen to recreate our award-winning bacon without using these additives, while retaining organic integrity – and even improving the natural rich, robust pork flavour of our streaky and back rashers.

Why is our bacon special? The result of years of development with close partners, Houghton Hams, is bacon cured with salt and flavoured with organic fruit and vegetable extracts – lemons and the fruit of the Mediterranean carob tree. Combined with premium pork from organic high-welfare pigs has produced a rasher deserving of your attention. This is the first organic nitrate free bacon available to buy from British supermarkets.

Not all bacon is created equal A pig’s diet is an important component of bacon quality and flavour. Our organic pigs thrive in a slow-growing, pasture-raised system that gives them freedom to roam and play within family groups. They forage on herb-rich grass, supplemented with simple cereals and with surplus organic fruit and vegetables for extra variety. If you're looking to enjoy a delicious and healthier version of a breakfast staple, nitrate-free bacon is definitely worth giving a try!

Grill or fry for 4-6 minutes, turning occasionally. Ensure bacon is piping hot before serving.

Helen Browning’s saddleback pigs enjoy a natural diet, free from unnecessary chemicals, antibiotics or GM feed. They spend their days outdoors on organic pasture and are certified organic by the Soil Association.

♥ Produced from prime cuts of free range UK farmed organic pork

♥ No added nitrates or nitrites

♥ No added water or phosphates, so you get real bacon that does not produce white froth when cooked.

♥ Delicious for breakfast, in sandwich or with eggs on a plate. Grilled or fried, always great to eat.

Additional information

Weight .200 kg

Keep refrigerated below 4C. Once opened consume within 3 days and before the use by date shown on the front of the pack.
If freezing, do so on day of purchase and consumer within one month. Defrost thoroughly before use. Do not refreeze after thawing.


ritish organic Pork (87%), *water, *salt, natural flavouring (organic lemon, organic carob), antioxidant: *ascorbic acid
*permitted non-organic ingredients
No GM ingredients
Produced and packed in the UK from UK organic pork

Nutritional Information

Nutrition per 100g
Energy (KJ): 767
Energy (Kcal): 184
Fat: 13g
Saturates: 4.9g
Carbohydrates: 1.36g
Sugars: <0.5g
Protein: 16.1g
Salt: 2.25g

2 reviews for Organic Unsmoked Bacon Lardons

  1. Stacey F

    These make a great addition to casseroles, really tasty.

  2. Callie G

    Love these. Really tasty and so versatile, I use them in so many recipes.

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