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Organic Liquid Herbs Gift Set (3 bottles)


The new way to spice up your food

Always have organic herbs with a fresh taste at hand. Ideal as a gift with a recipe hand book. This gift box of three contains basil, garlic, and chilli. Each bottle is 40ml.

Completely natural herbs and spices in unique liquid format, with just vinegar and salt for preservation. Once used in cooking they impart the flavour of fresh herbs, but with no washing, chopping or wastage! Super long shelf life of up to 2 years and no need to refrigerate, even after opening. Imparts instant flavour (unlike dried herbs) to hot and cold foods – dips, dressings, marinades and casseroles and gives you flexibility and creativity in your cooking.

We chop herbs gently and mix them with organic vinegar and sea salt, providing you with the taste of fresh herbs. That's it. It is vegan, lactose - and gluten-free. No allergens to consider.  

  • Last for 2 years, even after opening
  • Store at room temperature, even after opening
  • Lasting taste of fresh herbs, even after opening
  • Organic and allergen free

Additional information

Weight .370 kg

Spirit vinegar, water, basil, sea salt, xanthan gum;
Spirit vinegar, water, chilli, sea salt, xanthan gum;
Spirit vinegar, water, garlic, sea salt, xanthan gum


Store in a cool and dry place.


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