Organic Bronze Turkey Crown


Available in a selected range of weights to cater for a family, and plenty for leftovers. Oven ready – includes vacuum-packed giblets and a pop-up timer. Ideal for those who prefer an easy to slice white meat.


Our Bronze Feathered Turkeys come from the The Walters family-run business, who have specialised in traditional Christmas turkeys for 50 years. Up on the Berkshire Downs the turkeys are able to roam in the beautiful countryside, producing a bird that is deliciously rich and full of flavour.

Walters Turkeys belongs to the Traditional Farm Fresh Turkey Association and are certified by the Soil Association.

♥  Organic, free range, Soil Association Certified.

♥ Slow grown for fabulous flavour.

♥ Ideal for freezing.

Additional information

Weight4 kg