Smoked Back & Streaky Bacon

Organic Smoked Back & Streaky Bacon

Dry cured smoked back and streaky bacon. Delicious on its own or as ingredient in recipes.

December 2020 update

We’re fussy about our meat here at Eastbrook, but we’re also very, very popular with you bacon eaters, and this year’s extraordinary events have punctured our organic supply lines in places.

We’ve effectively scoured Scandinavia (where their animal welfare can be exceptionally good, alongside often disappointingly intensive) for some decent organic pigs. We’ve found a good place in Denmark, so we’re buying some organic loins and bellies from just one farmer to make into smoked back and streaky bacon, cured in the same way in the UK as the stuff you already love.

Bear with us as we re-build our supply lines, please.

Thank you, Helen

Produced from prime cuts of free range UK & EU organic pork

Made in a traditional dry method by hand, cured for 10 days to give a proper bacon taste

No added water or phosphates, so you get real bacon that does not produce white froth when cooked.

Delicious for breakfast, in sandwich or with eggs on a plate. Smoked or unsmoked, grilled or fried, always great to eat.


Organic Pork (96%), salt (non organic), organic unrefined cane sugar. Preservatives, sodium nitrite and potassium nitrate (non organic). Produced under organic standards.

Nutritional & allergy information

Free from genetically modified ingredients, gluten, nuts and nut derivatives.