Organic Beef Mince

From British dairy-bred, grass-fed organic beef

Organic Mince Beef

Delicious organic good beef mince made from 100% organic, dairy-bred and grass-fed British beef.

It is perfect for many quick but insanely tasty meals. For instance, why not try using our organic beef mince in a hearty cottage pie or a warming chili con carne? It makes an excellent weeknight dinner that the whole family will love; we are sure that they will not be disappointed! For lots of recipes and cooking ideas, take a look here.

Good Beef

In addition, this beef mince is derived from our grass-fed and dairy-bred beef, so it has a much lower carbon footprint than traditionally reared beef. Therefore, this beef mince is deliciously tasty for you, but also good for the planet too! All of the products available from Helen Browning’s are Soil association certified, this means that they are produced to the highest standard of organic agriculture. As a result there are absolutely no pesticides or GM ingredients, free range animals that do not undergo any painful mutilations, lots of support for the wildlife and environment around us, and a brilliantly traceable production process. When buying our organic good beef mince, you will always know exactly what is in your food.

  Produced from prime cuts of British farmed free range and organic beef kept to the highest of welfare standards

Ideal for quick family meals – ready to cook

Gluten-free, great for coeliacs.

GM free

Suitable for home freezing

Soil Association approved organic product


100% Organic Beef 

Nutritional & allergy information

Free from genetically modified ingredients, gluten, nuts and nut derivatives.

Organic Beef Mince

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