Helen Browning’s Royal Oak – Newsletter September 2017

Gloria and Doris live on at Eastbrook

Our organic saddleback sows have to work VERY hard!  Imagine up to 12 small children crawling and scratching all over you just to get fed. This happens for 8 weeks, twice a year, for each sow.  We have 200 of them now, all descended from the original pair, Gloria and Doris, gifted to Helen more than 30 years ago

We’ve tried other breeds along the way, but the saddleback, says HB, does everything you need an organic pig to do—great mothers, gentle with their piglets, good strong legs and feet, don’t care about the weather, gentle with staff and visitors, live long and productive lives. Some as old as 13/14 years. Much better than 4/5 years in a hot smelly shed?

Forage and Feast at Royal Oak on September 21

To celebrate autumn’s fruitfulness and fecundity (just ask, again) we thought we’d take some of you on a little organic walk, and then feed you.  September 21, 5pm meet at the pub in Cues Lane (SN6 8PP for those of you new to these byways).

Walking with TF, herbalist Cristina Cromer and boss Helen Browning if she’s around in time, looking for foodie and medicinal herbs in the hedges, scampering through livestock, back to the pub for a 7pm drink and 7.30 supper.  See how we do it, get wet feet, meet a pig. BUT, you’ve got to book.  30 of you for the walk and supper, and another 30 for supper alone. Either through Eventbrite on line, or directly with the pub. Bookings through the pub will need a £10 deposit per person. Tickets cost £25, and for the walking bit it’s first come, first served. T’will be fun, and we choose how to feed you of course. Plenty of choice, even for specialist diets. Book here Forage and Feast

HB’s Chop House in breakfast give-away shock. And cheap prosecco!

We thought we’d celebrate Organic September at The Chop House by giving away breakfast to as many as possible. When we did it in early June, about 100 turned up over 2 hours—this time, September 13, you’ve got from 8-10am to enjoy yourselves.  Bacon and sausage sandwich, granola, teas and coffee?  Yours to choose, eat in or take away. No booking, just a free for all, and possibly semi chaotic of course.

And half price prosecco on Mondays and Tuesdays in September, all evening.

Organic Giol prosecco is the best we can find, and Old Towners seem to love it. So come and giggle with us.