PIG: Tales From an Organic Farm (by, er, Helen Browning!) This story of a group of Helen’s pigs from mid winter to mid summer is published by Wildfire on September 20. Available NOW from all the known suspects, eg Amazon, Foyles, Waterstones, etc. or get one from us at the pub.

It’s a gloriously written piece, mostly following nine sows from the week of their farrowing, around the shortest day last year, through one of the hardest, longest winters we can recall. It includes the sow that died, leaving nine orphans, and how three of them escaped to the sanctuary of the farmhouse to begin their slow recovery.

One of the major players is Mrs Messy Bed, who behaved a little bit like a brazen hussy on occasions, who wasn’t that bothered about her kids, and who happily slept outside in the snow when it suited her, rather than making her own arc clean, dry and presentable.

Helen’s life of progressive agricultural and environmental politics is woven through the story, as are the characters that make this farm such a different place to be. Hardback RRP £18.99, a snip! Or £16 direct from us in the pub. It’ll keep you awake at night, for all the right reasons.