My, don’t these things grow. Feed them a wild diet of raw organic eggs and  bananas, add some organic pig feed, and before you know it, they’re banging on the back door for more, or chasing you round the garden and irritating the dog.

After a pathetic start, this small gang that Helen and I rescued from the main herd when their mother died, the last two weeks have seen them bounding ahead. The female, the original runt, on the right in the video—curved back, limp tail, head too big for her body—appeared to come of age on International Women’s Day, and started to give her brother a good biff. Her back has straightened, her tail is a tight curl, and  she beats him up whenever an egg or banana is in sight. She leads the garden foraging, and this week ventured into the house when I left the door open and ate all the dog’s biscuits, which is completely the wrong thing to do if you want a quiet life. And all your legs.