Sophie and Dai welcome the new generation of lambs and start planning ahead for the new dairy

The ewes waited for the last of the snow to disappear and began lambing a couple of weeks ago. Not much fun in the relentless rain but finally today the sun has appeared at last and it all starts to feel just a little bit easier. Remarkably, the lambs on the whole have positively thrived, despite everything the elements have thrown at them. Out of 300 born so far, fewer than 20 have needed extra care–usually in the form of a warm orange heat lamp in the corner of a clean straw bedded space in one of the more protected cattle buildings; and being bottle fed if desperate, or taking warm cows’ milk from one of the automatic teat feeders.

New Irish Friesian heifers have also joined us this week to start building the dairy herd for next year’s fresh milk expansion at Starveall, at the southern end of the farm. This is an ambitious business venture, since all too often you read about dairy farmers quitting the industry. Not here, it seems–quite often we move in ways that are contrary to the general trend! We plan to milk  upto 150 extra organic cows at Starveall, once the dairy and associated infrastructure has been built over the next 9 months. We are fortunate in having good landlords, the Church Commissioners, who smile, occasionally benignly, on our organic ways and our constant developments and job creation!

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