This place, Helen Browning’s Royal Oak, is a pub, restaurant and hotel business that’s has been growing well for 17 years, on a Wiltshire organic farm that’s been in our hands for 70 years. We’re renowned for generous, intelligent, informal and flexible hospitality, specialising where possible in organic food, much of it home grown, and an often eccentric drink selection. We’re also recognised as good, flexible and compassionate employers. 

As we continue to grow, we look for people who will enhance our existing talents. 

Senior chef: this is an additional post, taking the load off our head chef, working with a team of 9 full and part time. We love a rich cultural mix of people here. All on 5 day weeks (except in emergencies); all properly paid, on time, into the bank; tips can be very good, as cash and tronc; proper full paid holidays, pension scheme available, accommodation probably available after minimum 3 months’ successful trial, if needed. Might be a shared house, btw. 

Senior front of house: our current front of house managers are likely to leave in the next four months, as they prepare to start their own business. As business here grows, we’d like someone to come in and work for them, then step up and take on full responsibility for FOH staff recruitment, management, rotas, stock levels, ordering, training, service, the full works. Terms etc similar to those above. As above, accommodation probably available after a successful trial period, if needed.

Don’t be shy—ask us about wages/salaries/tips etc, don’t worry if this is a new industry for you; come and see us; visit us as a customer one day. This is generally a good gang of people, many of whom have worked here for several years. And, like our customers, some staff just keep coming back!

Tim Finney, Joanne Rake, 01793 790481

Or email us Ideally with a cv of course. 

Our post code is SN6 8PP if that’s of interest

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