Join agroforestry expert Steve Gabriel for a talk and farm walk looking at the ‘Promise and Practice of Silvopasture.’

The concept of silvopasture challenges our notions of both modern agriculture and land use, integrating trees, animals, and forages in a whole-system approach to farming. Such a system not only helps to regenerate farmland, but also provides an economical livelihood and even the ability to farm extensively while buffering the effects of a changing climate: increased rainfall, longer droughts, and more intense storm events.

Steve Gabriel will demonstrate the benefits and approaches to integrating trees, livestock, and forages into one farm system, while building soil health and resiliency on the land.

After Steve’s talk a light lunch will be served, followed by a pasture walk on Helen Browning’s agroforestry plot, exploring the ways different site qualities inform tree selection, layout, and rotational grazing practices.


11.00 Arrival and refreshments

11.30 The Promise and Practice of Silvopasture – Growing Trees in Grazing Systems – Steve Gabriel

12.30 Hearty lunch and refreshments

13.30 Agroforestry plot tour

15.30 Departure

This event is kindly supported by the Woodland Trust and Chelsea Green Publishing

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