Saturday 21st September – Sunday 6th October 

Come and join Anne & Manfred for our annual celebration of Oktoberfest.

Oktoberfest Menu

Weisswurst mit Brezn und Senf

White sausage with pretzel and sweet German mustard

£16 per person

Schweinshax’n mit Knoedel, Sauerkraut und Bratensauce

Pork hock with bread dumpling and gravy


Schweinkotlett “Jaegar Art” mit Kartoffelpuree Gemuse und Schwammerlsauce

Pork chop with buttery mashed potato, vegetables and a mushroom sauce


Chop House Oktoberfest & Christmas Menu

Anne & Manfred would love you to come and celebrate Oktoberfest with them at the Chop House from Saturday 21st September - Sunday 6th October. 

Also now taking bookings for your Christmas party feasts, we'll be serving Christmas lunches and suppers from 27th Nov - 24th Dec! 

A lot of love out there for Corned Beef (without a key)

Delighted that our organic Corned Beef is being applauded across the land. 5* reviews with Abel and Cole and a Silver award at British Charcuterie Live!

Farm Safaris for livestock, landscapes and wildlife at Eastbrook Farm

We’re now combining  everything—the pigs, the cows and calves, the landscapes, the wildlife—deer, owls, badgers, flora and fauna generally, although not all of it appears on cue.  Our colleague James Andrews, expert at wildlife photography among other skills, will lead the ‘Safari’ tours, in the red land rover

Helen Browning's Organic
Helen Browning's Organic2 days ago
Are you local? Freezer sale! Probably the tastiest pork you’ll ever eat 😋.

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