The Chop House Menu

Good, fast, simple, casual food from great ingredients.

The Chop House Menu


Carnivore board

our own Speedy Sausages, charcuterie, smoked sausage casserole, homemade chutney, mozzarella, sourdough bread and aioli, will vary from day to day

£9 per person

Herbivore board

homemade falafel, marinated roast vegetables, a delicious harissa sauce, homemade chutney, mozzarella, sourdough bread and aioli, options may vary from day to day

£7 per person

Fish board

gravadlax, smoked mackerel parfait, crab cakes, pickles, aioli and sourdough bread



as available, Marinière with onions, garlic and cream


Saucy ribs

taster version of our first class pork ribs. Use your fingers


Satay chicken

marinated, oven cooked and served with a salad


Salads: light lunch, sides or mains

Polenta Cake

caramelised onion polenta cake, marinated roasted vegetables, our delicious harissa sauce and dressed organic leaves, served on a board.


Chop House Bacon Caesar salad

our own bacon, crunchy croutons, fresh organic leaves, topped with Parmesan, anchovies and garlic and mayo dressing.



Helen’s choice of what’s great for you today – ask for details. Veggie every time, ask for vegan options



as above, with some meat or cheese. Anything you would like just ask


Mac & Cheese

with greens if needed!


Glamorgan sausages

vegetarian cheesy leek and onion sausages served with salad and aioli


Helen’s Hot Dogs

2 smoky hotdogs with slaw & fries


Ribs, chops, steaks, meat, etc

Roast Eastbrook pork sharing boards, min 2 people

three cuts, fight over it, or share it, with mash, greens and gravy


Helen’s signature Saddleback pork chop

mash, greens, apple sauce, gravy


Slow roast Saddleback pork belly

mash, greens, apple sauce, gravy


Sophie’s lamb chops, cutlets or leg steaks

selection of cuts, mash greens and gravy


Our pork ribs

with BBQ, Cajun or Currywurst sauce, slaw and fries



Fillet or Rump as available with hand cut chips and greens



as available and with fries. Marinière with onions, garlic and cream


Piri Piri roast chicken

serves on the bone with our own piri piri sauce, fries and salad


Chop House Burgers

all with aioli, fries and dressed salad garnish

Classic Burger

beef, cheese and bacon


Simply Veggie Burger

nut, bean, lentil and haloumi, sweet tomato relish, goats’ cheese


Chop House Blue

beef, blue cheese and streaky bacon


Truffle Hog Burger

pork, mushroom and truffle oil


The Don

beef, bacon and organic mozzarella


Flying Pig Burger

pork, topped with pulled pork and streaky bacon


Any extra toppings

depending on availability

£1 – £1.50

Puddings and milkshakes

Cheesecake of the day £7

Chocolate brownie served with salted caramel ice cream £7

Our own organic ice cream:  Specially made for us by Ray’s using our own milk £7

Sticky toffee pudding: served with vanilla ice cream £7

Lemon crème brûlée: served with a biscuit £7

Vegan ice cream: Made by Ray’s, flavours on request £7

See blackboard for any specials

A lot of love out there for Corned Beef (without a key)

Delighted that our organic Corned Beef is being applauded across the land. 5* reviews with Abel and Cole and a Silver award at British Charcuterie Live!

Farm Safaris for livestock, landscapes and wildlife at Eastbrook Farm

We’re now combining  everything—the pigs, the cows and calves, the landscapes, the wildlife—deer, owls, badgers, flora and fauna generally, although not all of it appears on cue.  Our colleague James Andrews, expert at wildlife photography among other skills, will lead the ‘Safari’ tours, in the red land rover

Mushroom Explosion

Although the weather has felt pretty miserable over the last few weeks it’s been absolutely perfect for mushrooms – there’s been an explosion in the local area and James, our photographer from ProHides, has been out in the rain capturing images.  We don’t want you to miss out though so if you’ve got a camera, big or small, why not join him on Sunday 3rd of November for a photowalk to see some of these wonders for yourself.

Helen Browning's Organic
Helen Browning's Organic22 hours ago
Have you ever bought Helen's Speedy Sausages?

Gluten free, organic British pork
Perfect pigs in blankets
Kids LOVE them
Award winning; great flavour
96% pork
No routine use of antibiotics
Perfect for parties
Cook in just 5 mins
Non GM

Outdoor bred, outdoor reared, free range (& pretty darn happy) organic pigs!

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