Bespoke yoga retreats

Bespoke yoga retreats


Create a yoga retreat that is personal to you, accessible and intimate.

Yogis Yoga doesn’t believe in catering for the masses. Our classes are kept small and cosy and so are our retreats. Enjoy a weekend at Helen Browning’s Royal Oak with a small group of your favourite people or come and meet new like-minded friends. Practice and learn about yoga that you can be confident is at your level, eat great food that is nourishing and wholesome, sleep in luxurious beds, enjoy quiet and beautiful spaces and immerse yourself in some of England’s finest countryside. If this sounds appealing, then our bespoke retreats are for you.

Yoga your way. Prior to your retreat we will discuss what level and style you’re looking for. Whatever it is, we will create a yoga program that will be accessible, fun and tailored to you. Our retreats are kept to a maximum of 6 people so you can be assured that you will get focused tuition.

Eat your way. The Royal Oak respects food. Our approach to diet is about balance, moderation and respectful consumption and of course, it’s about individuality. You choose what you eat and can enjoy learning about where your food comes from and how a balanced diet can affect your life.

Rest and revive. Sleep; there are no bleary-eyed starts on the mat. Enjoy the luxury beds, stay there with a book for a while if you fancy. Or if you are a lover of sunrises take the time to appreciate nature’s beauty in the stunning countryside that surrounds you. Walk or bike The Ridgeway or say good morning to the piglets. It’s up to you!

For more information call Jo: +44 7833299049 or email or check out the Yogis Yoga website

Chop House Oktoberfest & Christmas Menu

Anne & Manfred would love you to come and celebrate Oktoberfest with them at the Chop House from Saturday 21st September - Sunday 6th October. 

Also now taking bookings for your Christmas party feasts, we'll be serving Christmas lunches and suppers from 27th Nov - 24th Dec! 

A lot of love out there for Corned Beef (without a key)

Delighted that our organic Corned Beef is being applauded across the land. 5* reviews with Abel and Cole and a Silver award at British Charcuterie Live!

Farm Safaris for livestock, landscapes and wildlife at Eastbrook Farm

We’re now combining  everything—the pigs, the cows and calves, the landscapes, the wildlife—deer, owls, badgers, flora and fauna generally, although not all of it appears on cue.  Our colleague James Andrews, expert at wildlife photography among other skills, will lead the ‘Safari’ tours, in the red land rover

Helen Browning's Organic
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Helen's consort; our wonderful Mr Finney from Helen Browning's Royal Oak please share 😊.

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