Last Updated: 08 February 2013

Pigstock 2012

Bishopstone’s premier music festival, Pigstock, attracted its usual motley crew of real ale drinkers, children young and old, and some reasonably talented musicians as well. Some say as many as 400 people attended (one of the neighbours said it was 400,000, in fruity language) and made the Royal Oak garden unbelievably beautiful and smelly!


Bob Bowles was superb – he led his young trio of blues and rockers with verve and was forced into two encores. The Soil Association in house band Manifest Infringement kicked off with two stunning covers from the Dave Clark 5 and Jefferson Airplane (even older than Jefferson Starship).

People marvelled at chef Ricky McCowen’s single handed food offer of smoked BBQ brisket, veal burgers and pulled pork bellies and salads – even by our standards, amazing quality and value.

It was all too good to be true, and whereas I normally write in rather self effacing ways about our own events, on this occasion our performers, our audience, our customers, our staff and our pigs behaved perfectly. There was a big orange thing in the sky that we hadn’t seen for a while – it did help.

View from a pig arc

This is what you see in the morning when you go to bed in your pig arc and forget to take your boots off first.


And the pigs – this is what the farm tours saw, all day long.


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