Last Updated: 31 July 2013

Great burgers and sausages, lovely salads, wonderful bread – yes, Helen Browning’s Flying Pig is rolling into a pub garden near you—our garden, in fact, just outside the windows here.

Junior chef Jordan Dwyer takes the reins for the summer (he currently makes all the puddings and some of the starters), starting this weekend, when it will rain, of course. Burgers and salads about £6.50; hot dogs a bit less; Friday early evenings, 5.00-8.00pm, Saturday, lunch till early supper, Sunday noon-5pm; cheaper versions for kids.


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Pub hotline: 01793 790481

the flippin' clock

opening times in the pub

Closed Mondays in February

Tuesday to Friday:
noon to 3.00pm
food noon to 2.30pm
*Not open for food on Mondays*

Evening service
food 6.00-9.30pm, Mon-Fri
*Not open for food on Mondays*

Open all day from noon to midnight
food noon to 3.00pm
and 6.00pm to 9.30pm

Open from noon to 8.00pm
food noon-4.00pm

We hope to see you!

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old faithful

how to find us:

Bishopstone is about 8 miles east of Swindon, 10 miles west of Wantage. In the village is a large duckpond. If the pond is on the right, the next lane on the left is Cues Lane. The Royal Oak is 50 yards down there on the right. The car park is beyond it and round the back.

Please be aware that unfortunately it is a difficult pub to access for disabled users, but our staff are willing to assist wherever possible and suitable. Call ahead and ask us, if you can.