Our cattle at Eastbrook Farm

You may not be aware, but it is a hard fact that some dairy farms cull dairy bred male calves soon after birth due to their unsuitability for beef production. The calf’s mother will go back into the organic dairy herd producing the pints, yoghurts and the cheeses that millions of us enjoy every day. But what of the calf? This was a question Helen felt compelled to address over a decade ago.

The typical male dairy calf will never turn itself into a great beef animal, but good farming will produce superb meat from these livestock at a younger age. Veal typically live for up to eight months in the Eastbrook fields suckling off their mother before going to slaughter. Lesley and her dog Barry, pictured here, look after all of the youngstock on the farm.

We sell our veal as whole or half carcasses. We can deliver to customers within a 20 mile radius at a good price. If you are interested please call 01793 792043 for more information. Also, don't forget that we often have our own organic veal on the menu at our pub, The Royal Oak.