British Saddlebacks at Eastbrook Farm

Our resident shepherds Dai and Sophie have invested in their own flock of Romney sheep and they live here at Eastbrook. They have 300 Ewes and 4 rams. They tup their Ewes in November which means that our lambing season will be in April and we expect to get two lambs per Ewe.

Sheep are important on the farm, as they improve the pasture quality by grazing the land in the autumn once the cattle have been housed, to ensure fresh, clean growth in the spring. And of course, our lambs produce "the best lamb tasting lamb ever!"

You can buy our lamb direct from the farm as either a half lamb box or whole lamb box, already butchered and prepared for you. For current prices and to place an order please email Dai on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Either pick up from the pub or if you are further afield ask about shipping costs.