Eastbrook Farm

Take it from us at Eastbrook Farm

either (true?)

  • We all wear sandals even when it's snowing
  • The pigs get hot and cold running water and a mini bar in their houses
  • Lentils are our favourite food
  • We are commune living hippies with beards (even the women) and hairy ears; and
  • We drive old Citroen 2CVs powered by chicken manure.

or (true)

  • Amazing bird life: Big hedges, tree planting, rich soil, cheerful healthy pigs and other livestock
  • Proper jobs for great people
  • Unadulterated food
  • Teeming with life, everywhere you look and scratch
  • Food to die for

(and some of the above, by the way).

As Helen says:

people who argue that organic food isn’t necessarily more nutritious are missing the point. It’s common sense that if you grow things more slowly, don’t put things on them that you wouldn’t want your children to eat, and don’t use antibiotics, then it’s going to be better for you.

Discover your reasons for loving organic at whyiloveorganic.co.uk

The Organic, naturally different campaign

This initiative is all about showing how organic food is food as it should be – less fake and naturally different. Come and discover the differences , wonderful recipes, foodie tips and more, and share your thoughts on organic. Take a look at the Facebook page to find out more www.facebook.com/organicuk


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latest awards

SA Gold Award

Hot Dog and Beef Sirloin Winners

Following two years of being ‘highly commended’, our Helen Browning brand organic hot dogs, have now won ‘Gold’ in the Organic Food Awards. They are amazing, we think – what hot dogs used to be like, before they were made of pig skin and old washing up lines all pulped up together! And Helen’s Beef Sirloin, also usually on the menu here, also won ‘Gold’.


Sustainable Restaurants award

Sustainable Restaurant Association gives 
Helen Browning at The Royal Oak top score for good practice!

Out of about 450 restaurants, hotels and pubs, the SRA has awarded The Royal Oak Three Gold Stars for its sustainable practices. Our pub joins only three other establishments in the country in the top bracket of the SRA’s league table. They have commended our food sourcing, our healthy food on the plate, the way we treat food suppliers, our recycling and, last but not least, the care with which we try to look after customers and staff. You can read more here.


Food For Life logo 

Proud to be a member of the Soil Association’s catering mark supplier scheme that provides assurance to caterers on food and drink issues such as health, animal welfare and the environment.

See the Soil Association’s website for more information.